Jason Gilmore PhD

Associate Professor of Global and Political Communication

Department of Communication Studies, Utah State University

My research, writing, and teaching all focus on political communications that transpire at the intersections of human difference. I am particularly interested in how U.S. politicians wield potent ideas such as patriotism and American exceptionalism to create divisions in American society and beyond American borders. Read more…

New Book: Exceptional Me

Available now at Bloomsbury and Amazon
Published March 11, 2021


Donald Trump has forged a unique relationship with American exceptionalism, parting ways with how American politicians have long communicated this idea to the American public. Through systematic comparative analyses, this book details the various ways that Trump strategically altered and exploited the discourse of American exceptionalism to elevate not the nation, but himself personally, professionally, and politically. Read more…

“Exceptional Me is academic research at its best–rigorous, relevant, readable…These pages lay bare what a Narcissist-in-Chief sounds like and how inconsistent with the American presidency that sound is.”

Kevin Coe, University of Utah, coauthor of The Ubiquitous Presidency and The God Strategy